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MBA Global MBA

KEDGE Business School, KEDGE Business School

An international programme of excellence reserved for experienced executives who wish to develop their leadership, their skills and their network, the Global MBA is ranked 48th Executive Executive MBA Worldwide and 1st in France outside Paris (Financial Times, EMBA Ranking, 2012). You want to join an MBA programme? Learn what Kedge Business School has to offer.

The Kedge Global MBA has been built to offer participants the choice of the format best adapted to one's personal situation. You will build your personal path, choosing your main Campus (Paris, Marseille, Bordeaux, Shanghai), your courses rhythm (14 months to 4 years), your Specialisation Major, your International Business Seminars: from 2 to 6 (China, Brazil, Morocco, India,USA, UAE*). You can switch from one format to the other if necessary.

Objective: Mix Action Learning & Knowledge Acquisition
* An innovative learning approach
* You will both acquire fundamental management knowledge AND build performance-oriented attitudes & behaviours

Acquiring Knowledge
* Core & theoretical courses
* Case studies
* Group & individual work sessions

Building performance-oriented attitudes & behaviours
* Leading a Business Development Project
* Following the Management Workshops
* Building Transversal Knowledge with the help of the MBA faculty
* Team Coaching on the Business Development Project
* Working with your Personal Coach

Your programme will be composed of 480 hours of courses and 260 hours of workshops seminars and coaching.
You will build your personal path, choosing:

* Your main Campus (Paris, Marseille, Bordeaux, Shanghai).
* Your Core and Major courses rhythm (14 months to 4 years).
* Your Major (you can attend courses in other majors, in addition to yours).
* Your International Business Seminars: from 2 to 6 (China, Brazil, Morocco, India, UAE*, USA).

You can adapt your path throughout your curriculum to meet the demands of your work calendar.

Develop your Leadership skills: lead yourself, lead your Team, lead strategic changes
In the Kedge Global MBA you will develop 3 key character facets:

* A person who knows him/herself
* A manager who masters techniques & behaviours that generate commitment and motivation
* A leader who leads strategic changes

Management Workshops Action Learning: The Leadership Project Your Personal Learning Coach

3 Core Courses will help you understand these issues
* Organizational Behaviour
* Negotiation Skills
* Leadership

Manage Projects: Lead a Business Development Project
Action Learning: Leading a Business Development Project
All MBA participants will lead Business Development Projects with the help of faculty members


* Develop company-oriented and/or personal projects
* Core MBA-length application of all management tools and techniques learnt during the programme

Action Learning: The Business development Project Project Workshops Project Coaching

Develop a Global Geostrategic Vision
Each seminar is structured by theme and includes courses, cross-cultural negotiation training, conferences & company visits.

Spend up to 6 weeks in 6 different regions of the word, these where the 21st Century is shaping

* Lead Business Consultancy projects


* Learn about Indian Entrepreneurship


* Learn about Innovative businesses


* Learn about International Development


* Learn about Doing business in China

United Arab Emirates

* Learn about International Development

Two International Workshops are mandatory

A Core Course will help you understand these issues
Project Management

Reinforce your Management Knowledge
18 Core Courses
* Accounting for Decision Making
* Managerial Economics
* Organisational Behaviour
* Geostrategy & Geoeconomics
* Managerial Finance
* Marketing Management
* Branding Strategies
* Innovation & Entrepreneurship
* Social Responsibility & Ethics in Business
* Operations & Supply Chain management
* Negotiation Skills
* Corporate Strategy in Complexity
* Project Management
* Leadership
* Quantitative Methods for Business
* Complexity
* Change Management
* Information Systems Strategy

Focus on a Specialisation: Each Campus has its specific Majors.
Participants can follow any Major, wherever its location. Major organisation: An intensive 2-week programme.


* Market Development
* Entrepreneurship & Sustainable Development
* Maritime Management
* Innovation, Complexity and Risk


* Strategic Sourcing and SCM


* Global Management
* Finance
* Talent Management
* Brand, Design & Innovation management


* Wine Business

University degree or equivalent (In some exceptional cases, this diploma may be replaced by intensive professional experience - 10 years coupled with notable career progression).

Significant work experience and a minimum of 5 years managerial experience. A GMAT or Kedge Global MBA Business Admissions Test (this test is tailored specifically to the seniority and global nature of the applicant pool of our MBA. It consists of an MCQ Aptitude Test (problem solving, communication, numerical and factual data management, logical thinking), and a Case Presentation, developed to test the career maturity and business "acumen" of candidates. A TOIEC (750 points required), TOEFL (110 pts required) or IELTS (7.5 pts required). Two letters of reference (professional or academic).

English Language Requirements

IELTS band: 7.5
TOEFL iBT® test: 110

Work Experience

At least 5 year(s) of work experience are required.

Significant work experience and a minimum of 5 years managerial experience.

Bordeaux is a port city on the Garonne River in the Gironde department in southwestern France. The city of Bordeaux, with a population of 239,157 inhabitants in 2010, is the ninth largest city in France

Overview of Bordeaux

Area: 19.06 sq miles (49.36 kmĀ²)
Population: 235,891 (2008)
France, officially the French Republic, is a unitary semi-presidential republic in Western Europe, with several overseas regions and territories.

Overview of France

Capital: Paris
Currencies: Euro, CFP franc
Population: 65.7 million (2012)
Dialing Code: 33
Degree Level: Masters
Tuition Fee: € 29,000 / Year (EEA) , € 29,000 / Year (Non-EEA)
Duration:1.16666666667 Years
Delivery Mode:On Campus
Study Nature:Part-time
Disciplines: Business Administration
Website:Official WebsiteExternal Icon
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