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MBA International Master in Business Administration (IMBA)

General Management, Fundesem Business School

The International Master in Business Administration is a double degree Program degree Program which blends in a highly effective manner the practical teaching methodology of Fundesem and the worldwide recognition of an official university degree. Therefore, the updated knowledge and case-study experience delivered to you by international active professionals is enhanced by the official degree issued by Miguel Hernández University.

Objectives and Participants

At FUNDESEM BUSINESS SCHOOL we are aware of the challenges facing companies in the constantly-changing competitive environment of the global market. In order to respond to these challenges, we offer international students the opportunity to acquire valuable knowledge of multinational business culture. At the same time, as part of the International Master in Business Administration (IMBA), students will be able to improve or learn the Spanish language through specially designed language classes.

The International Master in Business Administrationis based on the same practical methodology that is common to all FUNDESEM programs and covers the key areas involved in running a successful company in an international environment. It also offers exchange programs and a wide choice of options, including languages.

On completion of the program, students will:

* Develop the abilities necessary to lead international corporate initiatives.
* Be able to apply leadership skills and teamwork skills to implement corporate renewal in a changing global business environment.
* Understand the full complexity of a company in an international environment.
* Be aware of how company departments are interrelated and how they are affected by international corporate decisions.
* Know how to react to a highly competitive working environment, importantly leading to the attainment of both personal and professional objectives.


* Official qualifications accrediting levels of competence and command of the Spanish Language and Business English, as a result of language courses provided within the Master Program
* Delivered entirely in English by senior management professionals.
* Students from different countries, providing a multicultural learning atmosphere, plus international networking.
* Enables students to learn about and understand different cultures.
* Visits to leading companies, a great experience offering a vision of the international business scene, its opportunities and risks.
* Case Studies, which give the unique opportunity to view business issues or different business problems drawn from real-life scenarios from many angles. This approach opens up a forum where students discover new perspectives and broaden their understanding of key issues. Another fantastic advantage of this intense and challenging method is that students learn to make business decisions and take actions by thinking, arguing and defending their interpretations and recommendations against a multitude of equally plausible solutions.
* Workshopsenable students to interact constantly with highly recognized business professionals, who will deliver not only up-to-date information, but a very realistic scenario as well.


Case Studies Strategic & Operative

The Case Study course is the main driver of educational methodology at Fundesem. This course will teach you the steps required to analyze a case in detail and the questions that should be asked to ensure a focused analysis. The discussion of a case is the best way to prepare students for the challenges of leadership and to provoke analysis and debate, by describing real business situations where decisions have to be made.

Quantitative Analysis

This course covers economic issues and business problems in a global environment and equips you with the knowledge required for other courses on the program.

IT (Information Technology/Computer Training)

Information Technology changed the landscape of business competition; we are living in the "digital economy". This course will enable you to use the different computer tools needed daily in the organization; it will also provide an overview of IT adoption, selection and management, all of which are essential to the success of a business.


Finance Dynamics

Main topics related to financial markets and institutions, risk, return and investment criteria.


This course equips you with the technical skills needed to glean relevant economic and financial company information, the final aim being to process this information and act accordingly. It enables you to understand and interpret all company-related financial information and fosters an understanding of how financial decisions can be used as tools to create value.

International Finance

This area consists of the dynamics of exchange rates, foreign investment and how these affect international trade. It includes all financial products related to this topic.


Applied Marketing

Innovative marketing and the processes implemented by different companies to become the consumers first choice at the moment of purchase. Gaining advantage through the new approach,Experience Marketing, means making use of the human´s five senses and creating valid experiences that reach the individual´s emotions, feelings and intellect. Moreover, reaching your client through Social Media Marketing is another excellent form of increasing your company´s visibility, by building reputation and authority within online communities. During this course you will discover creative ways of how to generate customer loyalty.

International Marketing

Marketing viewed as the focal business process: creating, delivering and communicating customer value in international markets.

International Sales Management

International sales operations is an emerging management discipline in firms with a strong focus on sales force productivity. This course provides tools and training for individuals who support, manage, coach, or lead sales organizations.


Main topics related to critical evaluation of concepts of Human Resources Management, its link with company performance, the increasingly important role of economic and social context, the theory and practice of career management, new organizational forms and the contextual nature of industrial relations systems. It will also consider Teamworking Techniques, which are meant to optimize group-work, by developing the necessary skills to maximize the contributions of all members of a team.

Effective Presentations will provide you with the skills & knowledge necessary to tap into your full potential as a top class communicator, able to develop and implement a real show, rather than a simple speech.

Leadership requisites now have to be perceived as more than a social interaction within our close environment. What the businessperson needs nowadays are international skills conflict management, motivation, decision-making psychology, social perception, personality in the work place aspects that will be covered during this course.


Communication Skills: Close study of: business communication strategy, writing effective, informative and promotional messages, preparation and delivery of business presentations, use of key business and economic terminology providing a wide range of tools necessary for full participation within the management team.

Negotiation Process and Styles: Tactics and strategies to approach and persuade in a negotiation. Moreover, the course will consider cross-cultural negotiation, which most of us have to deal with, given the global market.


Competitive Strategy and Competitive Advantage Specific ways to achieve a resource-based vision of corporate strategy: close analysis of existing industries, forecasting and developing coherent ideas based on little given information. Insights and approaches for making competition irrelevant by creating value innovation and establishing new markets to achieve rapid and profitable growth.

Strategy Making

The dynamics of strategic change in modern corporations, industrial force fields and practice groups. The nature of the paradigm change towards open, innovative thinking and acting. Disruption in a competitive arena and different ways in which companies craft strategies to accomplish growth and innovation.


Entrepreneurship Management

Backed by Fundesem Business School´s 45 years of experience and thanks to the more than 267 member organisations of the Foundation, this course addresses the issues faced by managers who wish to turn opportunities into viable organizations that create value. It also empowers students to develop their own approaches, guidelines, and skills as entrepreneurial managers.


The context of a multinational corporation facing constant pressure for strategic renewal and resilience. Discussion of the role of strategy, innovation and grassroots activism. Consideration of the levers that senior executives have at their disposal for driving change. Students will seek to reflect on their leadership skills and consider strategic challenges for corporate renewal and resilience in the changing global business environment. Case studies to provide guidance and some theories on change and innovation for informed reflection. Beyond conceptualization and execution of a single strategy, emphasis on the need for developing organizational abilities while appreciating the potential of individual agency for change.


Growth and Internationalization

Introduction to growth and internationalization, innovation, creativity and entrepreneurial growth, financing growth, entrepreneurial growth resources, growth from export, valuation, exiting and harvesting, managing multinational start-ups.

International Trade Areas

A political and economic analysis of multilateral international trade and finance institutions. Topics will include discussion of Free Trade Areas and Customs Unions, the WTO, the International Monetary System and the IMF, the World Bank and the Bank for International Settlements.

Foreign Trade

At the start of the 21st century, we are witnessing the emergence of a new economy: the world as a global market! For different reasons, practically all world economies are likely to establish more and more interdependent relationships with each other. This course will teach you the techniques of foreign trade and will provide an overview of the most important aspects related to company internationalization.

Economic analysis

Through this course you will acquire a global vision of the workings of economic activity and become proficient in the use of tools designed for the economic analysis of countries and the study of national and international business environments.



Operations management focuses on carefully managing the processes to produce and distribute products and services. This course offers an insight into the value-added and support activities within an organization.

International Logistics and Transportation

The Principles of Transportation and Logistics course provides practitioners with a comprehensive overview of transportation and logistics practices. It examines the influence of transportation on decisions made by firms, both from the standpoint of users of transportation and carrier management. It focuses on processes that add value through the production and delivery of services and products in the supply chain and the tools needed to manage these processes effectively.


Outdoor Training

One weekend of the course is dedicated to Outdoor Training activities, which focus on Personal Development and Behavior Management. Outdoor Training is an excellent activity for discovering and developing social skills. The training strongly influences individual and group attitudes through its emphasis on experience-based learning. Our experience has led us to design Outdoor Training so as to reflect the kind of activities found in companies.

Our intention is to simulate a real team that has to meet certain objectives. It is also designed to create a strong group identity, to enable all students from different cultures to learn how to share, exchange and achieve results by working together in teams. Each participant receives feedback regarding the decisions resulting from the group work. The personal skills learnt can be put into practice immediately in everyday work situations in an almost intuitive fashion.


The International MBA program involves a series of workshops on diverse topics of current national and international importance (political, economic and social) led by well-known professionals.

Business Game (BUGA)

The Business Game is a multi-player simulation that draws on the information and lessons given on prior courses. BUGA consolidates your knowledge of the different aspects involved in running a company, builds your confidence in analyzing the revenue-cost-profit economics of a business and helps you understand how the functional pieces of a business fit together.

Consulting Project

On this course, students will integrate the knowledge acquired during the program in applied research, in a real enterprise pre-defined by Fundesem Business School. The IMBA participants will be provided with the necessary methodology, in order to submit a diagnosis of the problems and improvements to be made in the company. The project will have a coherent and rising content, beginning with identifying the industry in which the company is acting, the exact place where it is positioned, competitive advantages, former and current strategies, competitors, targeted publics and ways to react to the international market´s challenges.


Financial Management

* Advanced Financial Strategy
* Multinational Financial Management
* Corporate Finance
* Financial Stock Market Analysis
* Miscellaneous courses

International Marketing

* The Marketing Game
* Trade Marketing
* Marketing for non-profit making organizations
* Miscellaneous courses

Human Resources

* Building and Managing Successful Careers
* Strategic Human Resources Management
* Multi-culturalism
* Corporate Identity and Culture
* Miscellaneous courses

General Management

* Global Strategic Management
* Competition policy and corporate strategy
* Family Business
* Research & Development & Innovation (R+D+I)
* Miscellaneous courses

* The specific content of these courses will change from course to course as part of our continuous updating of the program.

Program requirements:

Application Form
University Diploma
Profile XT Test
Interview by videoconference

Language Certificates

Although our admission process is designed to verify the level of competency of the language for each of the future students, it is recommended to provide documentation such as certificates proving your appropriate level.


In accordance with Royal Decree 1393/2007 article 16, entry on to the IMBA course is available to:

* University graduates whose degree is official and has been obtained in a Spanish University or a higher education institution in the European area of higher education.

* University graduates from educational systems outside the European area of higher education WHOSE DEGREE IS RECOGNISED OFFICIALLY IN THEIR COUNTRIES OF ORIGIN AND IS EQUIVALENT TO THE CORRESPONDING OFFICIAL SPANISH UNIVERSITY DEGREE without the need for official recognition of their degree. Access by this route does not imply the approval of the previously obtained degree.

Therefore, this program is aimed at university graduates with the potential to develop both their knowledge and skills levels, enabling them to attain managerial positions in a business organization within a short space of time (3 to 5 years).





Alicante, or Alacant, is a city and port in Spain on the Costa Blanca, the capital of the province of Alicante and of the comarca of Alacantí, in the south of the Valencian Community. It is also a historic Mediterranean port.

Overview of Alicante

Area: 77.71 sq miles (201.3 km²)
Population: 334,678 (2012)
Spain, officially the Kingdom of Spain, is a sovereign state and a member state of the European Union. It is located on the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe.

Overview of Spain

Capital: Madrid
Currencies: Euro
Population: 47.27 million (2012)
Dialing Code: 34
Degree Level: Masters
Duration:1 Year
Start Date:October  2019, April  2019, Oc 2019
Delivery Mode:On Campus
Study Nature:Full-time
Disciplines: Business Administration, Economics
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